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Random Number Generator


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Our Raffle machine. Designed and manufactured in the U.K.



Ideal for draws and raffles.

Just enter your start number then your end number a this machine will do the rest!


Large 2.3″ (58mm) audience displays.

Raffle: Any start and finish numbers between 0 & 999999.
Automatic non-repeat of 500 winning numbers.

Tote: Any start and finish numbers between 0 & 99.
Tote: Select duplicate, or no duplicate numbers.
Numbers can be generated at six different selectable speeds.
Designed and built in the U.K.


Additional information


(H/W/D): 120mm. / 330mm. / 110mm


1.16 kg

Power Supply

9V 550mA. d.c. Regulated.


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